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Cloud formation over stone circles Cookstown, NI

Relaxing reflexology treatments in Cookstown

Serving clients throughout Northern Ireland including Magherafelt, Moneymore and Dungannon

Reflexology treatments can be used in different areas of the body, by targeting pressure points in the hands and feet. Typically, this is performed using specific thumb and finger movements, without any oil or ointment. 

Treatments can often improve circulation and relaxation within the body. Martina has years of experience in the industry, and is fully accredited to perform a range of reflexology treatments, massage therapy and facials.

Our aim is to help improve people's wellbeing. If you're struggling with aches and pains due to age or lifestyle, we have treatments to help. 

We also stock an exclusive range of oils, creams, soaps and ointments available for UK delivery.

Man holding foot in pain Cookstown, NI

Reflexology For Pain

‘By using these powerful techniques for whiplash injury and tennis elbow and many other issues it is possible to aid recovery and increase movement in these conditions.’

£50 per session

woman getting a leg massage Cookstown, NI

Lymphatic Drainage

£50 per session

Mum holding new baby Cookstown, NI

Maternity Reflexology

£50 per session

Woman holding knee in pain Cookstown, NI

Orthopaedic Reflexology

£50 per session

Foot massage to relieve pain Cookstown, NI

Foot Reflex Massage

£50 per session


Sciatic Nerve Treatment

£50 per session


Menopausal Reflexology

£50 per session


Having to navigate through the current restrictions is wearing us all down. I contacted Martina as I had a few ongoing aches and pains which were showing no signs of receding. Through reflexology and Martina's extensive knowledge of the anatomy I feel as good as new. I can't recommend Martina highly enough! Gift vouchers available for that special person in your life...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an alternative complementary therapy based on the hypothesis that you can treat a range of ailments by targeting pressure points in the hands and feet. The treatments can help improve wellbeing and relaxation.

What can I expect after Reflexology?

Common effects after having reflexology include:

  • Energetic / tired

  • Heightened emotions

  • Better sleep

  • Pain relief 

Can Reflexology be harmful?

There is very little evidence that Reflexology treatments are harmful, if anything they can have a very relaxing and peaceful effect on the patient.

Massage on womans mid back Cookstown, NI

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